A Closer Look At Some of NYC’s Biggest Attractions

The Big Apple, also known as the Capital of the World, is a city filled with numerous museums, galleries, and other attractions. It is the site where great tragedies took place and also triumph: a place where our ancestors first stepped onto American soil. These are two of the most important historical events, and these landmarks can all be found in New York City. NYC is a city of many wonders, be it man-made or natural. If you happen to visit the Big Apple, you will see what sets this city apart from all the other cities in America. Tourism… Continue Reading

New York City’s Top Ten

New York’s millions of visitors have been polled, outlining the top ten attractions for a first-time tourist. They are: 1. The Statue of Liberty 2. The Empire State Building 3. Central Park 4. The Brooklyn Bridge 5. Times Square 6. The Chrysler Building 7. The World Trade Center Memorial 8. Grand Central Terminal 9. Fifth Avenue 10. Rockefeller Center Personally, I’m surprised that Grand Central didn’t make it higher on the list, and that the museum of natural history didn’t make the top ten at all. What do you think?

Cost of Living in New York City

New York is notorious for it’s high cost of living, but just how does it compare to other major cities in the US? Recent data shows that, in general, the cost of living in New York is 291% higher than the national average. It’s also 66% more expensive than Phoenix, 50% more than Miami and 53% more than Chicago! What about salary considerations? Often when a city has a high cost of living, pay is necessarily scaled up so that menial workers can afford to live there. Well, according to the Department of Labor, the minimum wage in New York… Continue Reading